Our Story

In 1995, when Michael Moje was a young helper on a six-man roofing crew, his love for home remodeling and working with his hands was born. Over the years, Michael morphed from a novice contractor to a young mechanic, eager to learn the ropes. Through his work, Michael found a strong sense of satisfaction in seeing homes transform by his own hands.

After 13 years of working for the same company, Michael was ready to start his own journey. He formed a crew of his own and trained them to do things his way. Michael wound up on the doorstep of The Home Depot and took a meeting with the Long Island branch supervisor. That meeting led to an invaluable opportunity – the chance to become an installer for the largest home remodeling corporation in America. Michael was thrilled, and soon he was well on his way to learning the ins and outs of the business – including what it takes to properly run and sustain a full-service exterior remodeling company on Long Island.

Eight years later, Michael began running three crews a day, remodeling thousands of houses across Long Island and employing dozens of hard-working members of the community. In 2014, Michael decided to make a change and brand a company that would be a staple on Long Island for decades to come – Safeguard. Maintaining the same ideals as the young helper who was eager to learn the trades, the Safeguard family is devoted to transforming the homes and lives of Long Island families.


Safeguard’s factory-trained crews are responsible for thousands of successful installs across Long Island for more than two and a half decades. We have earned an impeccable reputation based off the importance of these three main components:

Customer Service

At Safeguard, we pride ourselves on customer service and honesty. We feel that you should know who you are doing business with, and you should know exactly what to expect as your project unfolds. From seasoned home improvement experts, to first time renovators, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to informing you of the quality materials that we install and our methods of installation. Our initial proposals take 20 minutes to an hour of your time, depending on questions or concerns that you may have. Our crews are industry professionals who provide service with a smile!

Fair Marketing Pricing

What is fair market pricing, and how do you determine if a contractor is giving you a fair quote? At Safeguard, we’ve been in the remodeling industry for more than two decades, making us one of Long Island’s leading professionals in the roofing and siding industry. We are a fully insured business that you can trust to execute clean and lasting work for years to come. We’ve found that a business model based off volume allows us to bring the best offers to our customers, making our prices extremely competitive and more affordable than most other companies on Long Island.

Attention to Detail

We understand the importance of communication, so our attention to detail is second to none. Our team is well-versed in conveying even the smallest details to our foreman and crew leaders, making sure that every install meets and exceeds your expectations. Our crews are constantly educated on new installation methods and are trained to perform their respective jobs in accordance with the manufacture specs to ensure your manufacture warranty. We take great pride in our work, which is why our crews are prompt, polite and professional (and 5Star/A+ Rated!). We’re confident that you can trust your home to a Safeguard crew!


We have a trail of satisfied customers behind us. Safeguard prides itself on being a highly efficient, one-stop shop for all your exterior remodeling needs. We efficiently streamline projects of all sizes, from a simple roof replacement with our GAF Roofing systems, to complete remodels that incorporate multiple layers of construction. We can add that portico you’ve been dreaming of, change out your windows with our Simonton 5500 series vinyl replacement windows, update your home with a fully insulated CertainTeed siding system, and so much more! Give us a call and speak with a member of the Safeguard team to discuss your needs today!


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