Do I Need To Replace My Skylights When I Replace My Roof?

This is a question that we come across daily within our company – “do I need to replace my skylights when I’m replacing my roof?”

This is a complicated question, and the answer varies based on the situation at your home. Typically, we recommend replacing your skylights at the time of your roof replacement. That way, the entire job is fully guaranteed and under warranty.

If you’re replacing your roof because it’s old and has lost its functionality, your skylights won’t be too far behind. The point of view of the customer is usually, “my skylights are not leaking now, so we would like to reuse them”. While we understand this line of thinking, we need to be upfront about the reality of replacing your roof and what that means for your skylights. This is not a gentle process, and although our workers understand the importance of being gentle around sensitive areas, there are still no guarantees that the vibrations caused during the demolition process won’t crack in a 20+ year old solder joint on the skylights flashing.

With that being said, let’s assume that we replace your roof and reuse your old skylights, and they hold up great through the first few storms. A few years later, it’s extremely likely they will fail. Now, we’ll need to come back and replace it, disturbing your new roof in the process. While this can be done, it’s not the ideal route to take. Not only will you be paying a premium to have the unit replaced (rather than a small upcharge fee), but the headache of having to go through the demolition process a second time can be harrowing! Knocking both out in one shot is absolutely a better avenue to take.

While we understand that replacing the skylight adds cost to the bottom line of the initial project, we always offer our customers a product that will stand the test of time. So, while you don’t necessarily need to change your skylights when you replace your roof, it’s definitely something to consider.