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If you need a new roof, definitely call Mike from Safeguard Roofing! In my community Mike recommended...
Jacqueline Palatta
5 stars
After getting about seven quotes, there was no question that Mike was the one to go with to install my new roof. ...
Joe Mantello
5 stars
Safeguard Roofing was very quick and responsive to text me back! I had tried contacting a few other companies and no..
Jennifer Shapiro
5 stars

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Suffolk County Roofing Services

Roofing projects don’t have to be nerve-racking and stressful. Whether you need a commercial or residential roof in Suffolk County, Long Island, Safeguard is the way to go. Safeguard LI is a professional roofing contractor that area customers have turned to for a quarter of a century for their roofing needs.

They know how crucial it is to install a roof correctly when you have all the weather changes this part of the country can unleash on its residents. Suffolk County residents see it all – snow, hail, wind, and rain – so they need to be confident their roof will protect them.

With Safeguard, you’ll have top-notch experts at your disposal. They’ll give you quality and professionalism at a competitive price. The company can give you a fair price on your projects because they do such a high volume of jobs that they don’t need to place a high mark-up on each project.


Safeguard makes sure their Suffolk County roofing contractors are fully licensed and insured. And since the company’s installers are certified and manufacturer trained, you’ll get a full warranty for your completed home improvement project.

Safeguard’s Suffolk County roofing jobs are...

all treated like priority jobs because of the company’s excellent customer service commitment. And if you have other jobs, like siding and window replacement, that need to be done on your Suffolk County home, Safeguard can handle those tasks, too. That will save you a lot of time and headaches by not having to deal with two companies for your home repairs.

Why Hire a Suffolk County Roofing Company?

While there are a lot of roofing materials manufacturers out there, Safeguard has teamed up with GAF – they are the biggest roofing manufacturer for homes and businesses in North America. Their shingles give Safeguard’s customers the long-lasting quality they are looking for.

Because a roof is a significant investment on your part, you don’t want to pick a company that does shoddy work or doesn’t stand behind their products. For the best outcome for Suffolk County roofing repairs, you need experienced professionals who do the job right the first time and can meet the deadlines they’ve promised you. Safeguard has the experience you need – they’ve been in business for more than 25 years, completing thousands of Suffolk County roofing jobs.

While Suffolk County roofing installers are a key part of the equation for your home or business improvement project, customer service also matters. If you have any questions or concerns, you want them addressed quickly and politely. Safeguard can offer that – they have a staff that will honestly and knowledgeably talk to you about your project.And if you have more home improvement needs than just a roof, Safeguard might be the one-stop shop you’ve been looking for. They can replace windows or put up siding. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and affordably quality work can be done when you go through Safeguard. To get a no-pressure quote or learn more about your options for your Suffolk County roof, you can visit Safeguard’s website or call 516-412-6279

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